7 Tips for Packing Your Stuff Before a Long-Distance Move [infographic]

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Moving across the country is exciting. But you may also have to take a deep breath and sit down when you think about it because it can be overwhelming. Part of making your move a success comes down to packing the right way, so here are a few practical tips for getting your belongings ready to go, minimizing damage, and keeping tabs on what you have.

7 Tips for Packing Your Stuff Before a Long-Distance Move [infographic]

1.   Create an inventory list—You never know what’s going to get lost along the way. Go through your house and make a list of all the things you own, especially items of significant monetary or emotional value.

2.   Think about your new home—If you already have a new place to live lined up, think about what will fit in the space. You won’t want to bring your three huge bookshelves, for example, if you know there won’t be any room for them.

3.   Get rid of unwanted stuff—The less stuff you have, the less you have to move across the country. Be completely honest with yourself as you pack about what you want to keep and what you can live without.

4.   Prioritize what to keep with you—Not only do you have to pack up your house before your long-distance move, but you also have to pack like you’re going on a trip. Make sure you keep chargers, frequently used electronics, enough clothing, toiletries, and things you use regularly with you.

5.   Pack boxes securely—Double up on the bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape to make sure your belongings get to your new home safely and in one piece.

6.   Organize as you pack—Unpacking will be a lot easier if you don’t throw things randomly into boxes. Try packing your belongings by room, area, or category.

7.   Label everything—Don’t let any box go unlabeled – add your name and what’s in the box to every single one.