Moving Soon? Follow These Steps for an Easy
Move! [infographic]

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Going through the process of moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you have the right planning, preparation and assistance. If you are looking for an easy move, we here at Todd’s Easy Moves have some great tips that we hope will make your next move as easy as possible.

Moving Soon? Follow These Steps for an Easy Move! [infographic]

  • Start your planning early! Moving requires a lot of forethought and pre-planning. The earlier you get things booked and start preparing, the less stressed you’ll be.
  • Book your movers. Book your moving company before you do anything else, at least a few weeks before your actual moving day. Again, the earlier the better.
  • Pack deliberately and carefully. Take your time with packing your items, starting with smaller things that you don’t use on a regular basis and moving on to larger and heaver items as the move gets closer.
  • Take your time with fragile items. Fragile items need packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and sometimes all three! Don’t be afraid to let fragile items occupy their own box and more of your packing time and attention.
  • Pack smarter, not harder with heavy items. Heavy items like books should occupy many smaller boxes rather than one large box. This will help make moving these items more efficient. Additionally, your heavy items should be loaded first in the truck and occupy the bottom of the stack.
  • Go from least to most used when packing. When packing, start with your storage and guest rooms. Move on to the bedrooms, then the kitchen and finally the bathrooms in that order.
  • Know what goes and what can’t. Some things are illegal to move in a moving truck, including paint, solvents, wood stains, propane tanks, and others. Ask your moving company for a more complete list of no-no’s and be sure to leave them off the truck.
  • Save the cleaning for last. If you are required to clean your former residence, consider hiring professional cleaners to complete this task after you’re gone. Otherwise, clean the bedrooms, living spaces, kitchen and bath in that order.

If you have questions about the moving process and how you can have a successful move, please give us a call here at Todd’s Easy Moves today!