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Don’t be left guessing about moving rates – we are completely transparent with ours!

At Todd’s Easy Moves, we chose our name because we thought the moving industry by and large makes things complicated and far from easy, and we wanted to change that. With more than 30 years of experience, we have learned what makes moving rates easy to understand and what can make them so complex that you have no idea what you’ll be paying. By keeping our moving rates transparent and uncomplicated, you’ll know what to expect for a move across Oak Ridge, North Carolina, the state, or elsewhere in the United States.

Moving Rates in Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Our local moving rates are based on the number of hours you’ll need our services and whether you desire two or three movers. There is a two-hour minimum charge of $492.00 for two men or $636.00 for three men. There is a one hour travel time. Each additional hour costs $164.00 (2 men) or $212.00 (3 men)Monday thru Friday. Saturday and holidays will be a overtime rate of 2 men 223.00 an hour plus a travel fee of 223.00. 3 men will be 294.00 an hour plus a travel fee of 294.00. Local moving rates apply to any move that is within 35 miles. If you have a rental truck and wish to hire us, our moving rates are the same hourly rate with a one hour travel charge for travel time.

Interstate and intrastate moving rates are based on the weight and miles. If you call our office, we will be happy to provide you an estimate and provide advice about how to keep moving rates within your budget.

You should also check with us to get a quote for oversized items and those in excess of 400 pounds. For example, there is an additional fee for hot tubs, televisions over 40 inches, pool tables, and pianos. If desired, your moving rates can also be quoted to include packing services at a rate of $212.00 for three packers on the day of your move. Contact us today with any questions you might have about our moving rates or to get a quote for your upcoming relocation and schedule it. We ask for at least one week’s notice, but we do offer emergency services at a state-regulated overtime charge.

Local Moves (within 35 miles) involve a two-hour minimum charge. 
Interstate and intrastate moving rates are based on weight and miles. 


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