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We put much thought into every aspect of our moving services to give you the easiest move ever!

At Todd’s Easy Moves, we believe that moving services should make your relocation easy, not add to the frustration and challenges that are inherent with moving. When our family started this business in 1984, we set out to change the way moving services were performed so that our customers could have the easiest move possible.

Moving Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our owner, Todd Cummings, believes that the best way to do that is to anticipate your every need and objective. He put much thought into every aspect of our moving services, including our transparent pricing, superior quality moving supplies, storage solutions, top-quality trucks and moving equipment, and well-trained, screened workforce. He is present on 90% of our moves to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

The Benefits of Hiring Moving Services

At Todd’s Easy Moves, we know that most people would rather turn the hard labor part of relocating over to moving services. If you are on the fence because you are thinking it might be better to save money and do the work yourself, we want to share with you a few benefits that might convince you that hiring us for your move in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area is the best course of action. Here are some of the benefits you might not have thought about when hiring moving services:

  • Save Time– It can take a lot of time to pack up your belongings, load the truck, drive it to your new home, unload the truck, and unpack. With our moving services, we can get it all done for you in far less time, and you won’t have to stress juggling your job and handling a move.
  • Avoid Injury– Back injuries are not fun and can happen easily when moving furniture, appliances, and box after box. If you don’t know the right way to lift and you haven’t spent much time doing this type of physical labor, you are at high risk of an injury.
  • Save Money– While moving services might seem to be a cost-saving measure, it can quickly become the cheaper option if you were to get injured and face a hospital stay, rehabilitation, and loss of income. In addition, without experience, you could easily damage something that costs more to replace than what our moving services cost.

For local moves within 35 miles, we charge by the hour for our moving services. We have a one hour travel time. We will load and unload rental trucks for the same hourly rate with a one hour charge for travel time. Prices for moves over 35 miles and out of the state are based on weight and distance. We also offer packing services priced by the hour that include three packers on the day of your move.

We recommend calling us at least a week before you require our moving services in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, although we can provide emergency services with a state-regulated overtime charge if we work outside of regular business hours. We are an insured and bonded moving company. We never use temporary movers – we hire only the best of the best workers who have successfully passed both a drug test and criminal background check. Make your next move easy and call us today to learn more and get on the schedule.

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